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Turtle LED Light

The 26w CARA measures 11.75″ long by 9.5″ wide and sits 3.125″ in height making it compact, even when mounted.

WORCESTER, MA, February 2018—As part of the company’s ever-expanding line of  turtle and wildlife friendly lighting products, Access Fixtures introduces a new family family of turtle-friendly LED area lights. The family, called “CARA,” includes models ranging from 26 watts to 119 watts. CARA LED fixtures are designed specifically to provide ample light for humans while also protecting sea turtle and wildlife populations.

The CARA family uses fixtures rated for 429,000 hours. Every unit has an IP66 rating against water and dust and uses nickel-plated, stainless steel hardware; CARA fixtures are fully prepared for use at seaside locations. CARA turtle LED light fixtures also come with numerous mounting options, including slip fitters, wall-mount brackets, and swivel brackets, making them easy to install almost anywhere. Upon ordering, you have the choice of standard clear glass lensing or prismatic glass lensing for improved glare prevention. Each CARA unit comes available in a natural, architectural bronze finish, though they can also be custom painted to fit other elements of your particular project.

“The CARA family extends our offering of affordable, durable, turtle LED light fixtures,” says Alex Guarco, of Access Fixtures. “From bollard lights to canopy lights and beyond, we hope to make turtle compliance easy for our customers.”

Lightweight in design, the 26-watt model weighs 11 pounds while the higher-output 119w model weighs just 15 pounds. The CARA turtle LED light fixtures emit warm, amber light between 585 and 595 nanometers to ensure the protection of nearby wildlife.

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