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Access Fixtures is known for providing all kinds of lighting to many different kinds of organizations. When we were asked to weigh in on a North Carolina church lighting project, we were happy to add this to our growing repertoire of specialties.

A Project in Progress

When our customer contacted us, they were looking for solutions to light a youth sanctuary and church lobby currently under renovation. They told us that the area would be used for roughly ten hours a week and budget was an important factor as well as design. Since there was no current lighting, we had little to compare our lighting to and we suggested a photometric analysis.

The customer agreed to a photometric analysis, which provided them with a comprehensive, engineer-directed layout of the ideal lighting they’d need to make both the youth sanctuary and the lobby warm and inviting. Click to see the photometrics we ran below with different average footcandle levels.


Church Lobby Lighting  – 30 Footcandles

Church Lobby Lighting – 40 Footcandles

Youth Sanctuary Lighting – 38 Footcandles

Youth Sanctuary Lighting – 41 Footcandles


Both the higher and lower footcandle versions of these plans utilized EPTAs. The EPTA was a great choice due to the customer’s desire for multiple “bonus” options and also the fact that both the sanctuary and lobby have high ceilings. The higher footcandle version utilized 150-watt EPTAs while the lower footcandle version utilized 120-watt EPTAs. Both were equally good choices, but our customer wanted the extra light.

A Great Choice

Our customer ended up choosing the plan with the EPTA 160s. Access Fixtures’ EPTA linear fixture is IP67 rated, L70 rated at 200,000 hours, and comes with a variety of mounting options suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. EPTA linear fixtures are perfect for any type of indoor lighting such as in offices, hospitals, warehouses, and indoor riding arenas. They are also extremely snazzy for use in a church!

The Kelvin was an important decor choice for this project. These particular fixtures were chosen in 3000K to impart a warm, welcoming aura to the sanctuary and lobby, as opposed to a more harsh blue light 5000K.

Another important design choice is CRI or color rendering index. The color rendering index is a way to measure how true-to-life a light fixture renders color. Our customer chose the highest CRI possible for this project — 90+. A higher CRI allows colors to appear as they would in daylight — bright, vivid, and saturated.

In the end, our customer was extremely satisfied with his lighting result, and judging from the photos, we are too!  Contact Access Fixtures to light your church this beautifully.