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LED high bay fixtures from Access Fixtures are designed to illuminate large commercial areas at mounting heights of 15 feet or higher. Our extensive high bay line and our team of helpful lighting specialists make it easy to select an energy-efficient, high-output high bays for any location. Whether you’re lighting an auto body shop, industrial space, indoor sporting arena or court, warehouse, food processing facility, gym, retail facility, or production floor, Access Fixtures can find you an appropriate solution. We carry fixtures in a wide range of styles, form factors, efficacies, Kelvin temperatures, optical variations, and price points; from low-upfront-cost options to highly customized solutions built for your specific facility, our team can help you find the LED high bays you need.

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At heights of 15’ to 50’, LED high bays offer exceptional illumination and visibility for large spaces. By replacing older metal halide, high pressure sodium, or fluorescent fixtures with LEDs, you’ll significantly reduce your energy costs and improve safety, visibility, and work performance. Access Fixtures LED high bay fixtures deliver up to 110,000+ lumens with a rated life of up to 100,000+ hours. Most luminaires are available in your choice of 3000K, 4000K, 5700K, and many can even be custom-designed to a specific Kelvin temperature of your choice.

HIIO LED 150w High Bay, 20250 Lumens, IP66, Choice of Optics, Mounting side view

HIIO 150w High Bay


Access Fixtures has the right LED high bay fixture for every application, including those that need to block UV light, increase color rendering, be explosion proof, and even those that must be able to emit light within a specific nanometer range. Do you need a high bay for a unique environment? Do you have specific requirements to meet? Speak to an Access Fixtures lighting specialist today and he or she will help you find the right LED high bay to suit your budget and project.



High Bay Fixtures – Options, Styles, Form Factors, and More

Unsure what LED high bay fixture to choose? Don’t worrywe know how complex lighting can be and we’re here to help you get the best. There are a range of styles, add-ons, and factors to choose from when selecting the best LED high bay fixture for your space.

The APTA and APTI high bay luminaire family is by far the most state-of-the art LED high bay in our range. With an IP rating of 67, these fixtures are completely dustproof and fully submersible, making them perfectly suited to wet and dirty locations. APTA fixtures feature a whopping L70 rating of over 200,000, meaning these are the longest-lasting high bays available in our range and some of the longest-life fixtures on the market. These fixtures emit 125+ luminaire lumens per watt and are available in many choices of Kelvins, mounting options, and wattages.

Another option is the versatile and affordable HIIO high bay fixture. This luminaire is offered in three different wattages — 100w, 150w, or 185w — and provides a superior CRI at 70+. Long-lasting and efficient rated LM70 at 50,000 hours of life, these high bays will perform for years to come with little maintenance. HIIO also features two easy mounting options — ceiling hook or U-bracket. These are particularly good for dirty or humid warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, and more.


LED High Bay Optional Add-Ons

All LED high bay fixtures from Access Fixtures are available with add-ons that make it easy to customize the light for your space while keeping prices low. Choose from Kelvin temperatures, CRIs, mounting options, dimming options, lenses, voltage capabilities, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, surge protectors, and more. Have questions? Email us at customerservice@accessfixtures.com and we will get back to you within one business day or less.


LED High Bay – Dimming

If you’re concerned your new LED high bays might be too bright, or if you will need to occasionally lessen the intensity of their light, consider selecting a fixture with dimming capability. 0-10v dimming is the most common choice, as it allows you to use a dial or slide to dim the fixture. You can also select from bi-level or step dimming, which are popular options if your high bays are also equipped with occupancy sensors.


LED High Bay – Mounting

The OTAT fixtures are typically mounted with V-hook and 3-foot chains that will come standard with your order, while ORAN fixtures have a wider range of mounting options. KOTA LED high bays can be hook or bracket mounted. Aircraft cables, surface mounting kits, or pendant mounting kits are also available for many of our LED high bays. 

LED high bays can be mounted in a number of different ways, making them easy to incorporate into your commercial or industrial space. And, of course, you can call one of our lighting specialists for help finding the best mounting solution for your fixture and space.


LED High Bay – Housings, Lenses, Custom Painting

196w LED Warehouse Lights 347-480v

An APTA 196w high bay.

Similarly, OTAT housings come in traditional white colors with clear coats, though the housings are made from die-cast, 20-gauge steel. This material provides excellent durability and protection to ensure your luminaires last as long as they should. The EMBU high bays are built with die-cast aluminum housings and chromate conversion coatings with white powder coat finishes.

Some of the most powerful LED high bay fixtures you can choose are those in the KOTA family. These fixtures are built with patented, electrophoretic deposition (EPD) heat sinks, coated and built to keep the fixture cool and operating at maximum efficiency.

Do you need to color-match your fixture? Access Fixtures can custom paint many luminaires to specific RAL colors. Simply choose an RAL color, enter it into the ordering field, and your LED high bays will be built to that exact color.

LED High Bay – Daylight Harvesting Sensors

Some LED high bays from Access Fixtures can come with daylight harvesting sensors, which use daylight to manage and reduce the amount of electricity needed to appropriately illuminate a space. The main goal of daylight harvesting sensors is to reduce energy consumption and save money. These sensors use dimmers or switches to turn the fixture if the ambient light is sufficient or if the room is unoccupied. They turn the lighting in your facility into an automated system that adjusts to make sure the correct light levels are achieved.


LED High Bay – Functionality

LED chips are directional, making it much simpler to control exactly where the light from your high bays goes. Most LED fixtures come in a variety of beam spreads, distribution options, and lenses, with multiple wattages to meet any footcandle requirement.

LED high bay fixtures are designed to distribute light appropriately and evenly over large areas. Therefore, it is important that you select the best luminaire to suit the specific needs of your location. If your goal is to increase efficacy (i.e., lumens per watt), choose an open fixture; if you are lighting a dirty location that will expose the fixtures to moisture, dust, or debris), select a lensed or vapor-tight option. Choose the best fixture for your space so it performs as it should for years to come.

With the variety and versatility of LED high bays at Access Fixtures, there is a fixture for almost every conceivable application.LED high bays are more customizable and more affordable than ever before. Call Access Fixtures today to find the best LED high bay to suit your space.

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LED High Bay Product Families

At Access Fixtures, the options for LED high bay fixtures are nearly endless. Not only are there a range of fixtures to suit almost any space, there are also a huge range of LED high bay styles to choose from.

As mentioned before, the APTA and APTI range is the best in show in terms of brightness, longevity, and IP rating. For all-around amazing lighting, take a look at the versatile and affordable HIIO high bay line. Check out the OTAT family for a cost-effective solution that boasts incredible efficacy and a high lumen output. If you’re looking for a traditional design, choose an EMBU fixture. The housings of EMBUs make them similar to older HID high bay fixtures, but their technology helps produce far superior light. If you’re looking for a vapor-tight LED high bay, choose from the KANO product family. Available with a range of wattages, lengths, and voltages, these fixtures provide outstanding performance in spaces that require an IP rating for protection against dust or moisture, such as food-processing facilities and laboratories. Still unsure what LED high bay to choose? We understand! Give our lighting specialists a call to discuss your options and requirements. Our specialists will recommend the best lighting for your space.


Photometric Studies for LED High Bays

All LED high bays from Access Fixtures can be designed via photometric analyses. These reports are computer simulations of specific layouts using specific fixtures. Our photometric engineers will input the dimensions, configurations, and requirements of your specific project. Aisles, shelving, curtains, walls, varied ceiling heights, or anything else that can affect light distribution can be factored into a photometric design. If particular fixtures don’t yield sufficient results, we can very easily swap them out with others until we find a solution that works.

In many cases, these photometric designs have already been run so we already know the kind of light you can expect. For example, if you are mounting your fixtures at 15 feet, just two 110w OTAT high bays can illuminate a 20’ x 40’ room with an average of 18 footcandles and a max/min ratio of about 3. Not sure what this means? Call Access Fixtures today.

If you aren’t sure how many footcandles your facility requires, an Access Fixtures specialist will work one-on-one with you to help clarify this information. You can also go ahead and order a  photometric analysis and we’ll design one just for you.


Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist about Choosing the Right Fixture

Access Fixtures is your factory-direct source for all light LED high bays needed to suitably illuminate your space. If you have a lighting question, we will be glad to help get you answer. We want to make sure you get the exact fixture for your needs, your budget, and your goals. We are passionate about lighting and love what we do. To speak with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist, call (800) 468-9925.

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