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What Are High Bay Lights?

High bay lights are light fixtures, typically LED, that are mounted at least 15 feet above the floor and are designed to illuminate large commercial areas with minimal glare. They are most often used locations such as gyms, sports facilities, warehouses, factories, and distribution centers. Modern LED high bay lights fixtures use less energy, provide superior color rendering, require low to no maintenance, and produce less heat, as compared with older Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) high bay lights.

What are the different types of high bay LED lights?

Round UFO LED High Bay Lights

Round LED high bay lights are frequently called UFO high bays. They are easy to install as they have only one contact point, a loop. The beam spread is typically very wide, allowing for broad light distribution. They are great for open areas, such as factories, warehouses, retail stores, and more. Round LED high bay lights come in a wide range of wattage and can be built to work on any voltage. Most are wet/damp location listed, allowing you to use them in tough conditions, like those seen at industrial laundries, processing facilities and even car washes. As they are mass produced, UFO high bay lights are competitively priced

UFO High Bay Light

Linear LED High Bay Light Fixtures

Linear LED high bays are common in supermarkets, wholesalers, warehouses and other open areas. They can be mounted to the ceiling or hung using chains or cables. Compared with UFO high bay lights they have more diffused light and less intensity due to the LEDs bing distributed over a more broad surface area. but linear LED high bay lights are not wet or damp location rated. Linear LED high bay lights are available in a variety of sizes, wattage, voltage, lumen output, color temperature, and dimensions to fit into any space where they’re needed.

Linear High Bay Light

Vapor Tight High Bay LED Light Fixtures

High Bay Vapor Tight Fixtures are commonly used in locations where the ceiling is a little lower, glare is minimized, and/or the work area has dirt, dust and/or water. They are usually linear in shape, and they come in 2-foot or 4-foot lengths. Wattage selection is typically lower than the wattage of UFO and linear high bay lights. They are easy to clean using a hose or lower pressure washers. High Bay Vapor Tight Fixtures work wet and dirty locations as they are dust and liquid proof.

Vapor Tight High Bay Light

LED Hazardous Location and Explosion Proof High Bay Lights

LED hazardous location high bay LED lights and LED Explosion Proof High Bays with a Class 1, Division 1 or Class 1, Division 2 designation are used for industrial lighting in dangerous or extreme environments where flammable gasses or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust or ignitable fibers may exist. High Bay Explosion Proof LED Lights are also suitable for wet locations and marine environments with saltwater spray.

For information about LED hazardous location and explosion proof high bays, click here.

LED Hazardous Location & Explosion Proof High Bay

No UV – No Light Under 450 nm LED High Bay Lights

Access Fixtures designs and builds No UV lighting that emits no light below 450 nm. This is achieved using LEDs and without the use of filters. Filters can break down and fail over time. No UV- No light Under 450 nm high bay lights are for production areas that need sufficient light to pass OSHA requirements and emit no UV so the light emitted does not impact the production process

For information about No UV – No Light Under 450nm, , click here.

No UV - No Light under 450 nm LED High Bay image

High Temperature LED High Bay Lights

Many locations such as steel plants, heat treating facilities or even a warehouse in a hot southern climate have very high heat near the ceiling where the light fixtures are located. LED high bay light fixtures will quickly fail in locations like this unless the fixtures are purpose built for the heat. High temperature high bay lights are designed for locations that need quality reliable light in a high heat location.

High Temperature LED High Bay Light

High Mounting Height LED High Bay Lights

As noted earlier, most UFO and linear LED high bay lights are made with broad optics. When mounted at a high height such as 30 to 50 feet above the work surface, most fixtures will fail to get the light down to the work surface where the light is required. The solution is LED high bay lights with optics designed to get the light emitted to where it is needed.

High Mounting Height LED High Bay Light

What are High Bay Light Mounting Options?

High bay lights can be mounted in several different ways. Depending on the fixture, high bays can be mounted via a surface mount, standard suspension hook, rod and plate mount, v-hooks, or suspension hook mount. Some fixtures, such as the APTA, come with up to four different mounting options, whereas other fixtures like the EMBU come standard with one. Check the options for each fixture that you intend to purchase or ask an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist if you are unsure what type of mounting is available.

High Bay Light with Bracket Mount

High Bay Light with Bracket Mount

High Bay Light with Canopy Mount

High Bay Light with Malleable Hook

High Bay Light with Malleable Hook

High Bay Light with Wire Mount

High Bay Light with Wire Mount

High Bay Light with Loop Mount

High Bay Light with Loop Mount

What is an IP rating and why does it matter?

IP rating determines what type of location your high bay is best suited for. A damp or dirty environment will quickly damage fixtures that are not sealed, making them useless. These are the common IP ratings for high bay lights.

  • IP65 is water resistant
  • IP66 is water resistant against powerful water jets
  • IP67 – Protected against complete temporary water submersion

For more information on IP Ratings, click here

What are optics and how do optics affect performance?

LED chips are directional, making it much simpler to control exactly where the light from your high bay lights is emitted as compared with older HID high bay lights. To get an LED to distribute light with a focused intensity and pattern, optics are required to concentrate or diffuse the light emitted. Most LED fixtures come in a variety of beam spreads, distribution options, and lenses, with multiple wattages to meet the requirements. This facilitates the lights to emit light that is sufficiently bright subject to the lumens emitted and evenly distributed.

To download a pdf with examples of optics, click here

What options are available for high bay lights?

LED high bay fixtures are available with many more options than previously mentioned. Some of them include the following:

  • CRI – A higher color rendering index, or CRI, increases visibility by making colors more true-to-life. Color rendering index is available from 70+ to 90+ for select Access Fixtures high bays.
  • Dimming – Need to be able to reduce the light sometimes? All Access Fixtures high bays are compatible with 0-10v dimming.
  • Surge protection – Some high bays are available with surge protection as an option
  • Color Temperature (Kelvins) – Many Access Fixtures LED high bays are available with choices of color temperature from 2200K to 5700K.
  • Battery Backup – Your high bay lights can provide double duty as emergency backup lights by equipping them with an optional battery backup that keeps the lights on when the power goes off.
  • Standard Voltage or High Voltage – Some of these high bays are available in two different voltages
  • Wattage – There is an appropriate wattage for any high bay project, guaranteed. Many Access Fixtures high bays are available in multiple wattages.

Get a Photometric Study – Speak With a Lighting Specialist

Which high bay light is beat for your application? What wattage is best? How many high bay lights do you need? Speak with an Access Fixtures’ lighting specialist. An Access Fixtures’ Lighting Specialist will be able to provide you with all the answers. If your project requires a photometric study, an Access Fixtures lighting specialist will work with one of our lighting engineers to provide you with one.

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