Pickleball Court With Lights in Texas

Access Fixtures has successfully completed an impressive Pickleball Court LED Lighting Project in Texas, showcasing its commitment to quality and performance. This blog post dives into the specifics of the pickleball lighting project, highlighting the essential features of the APTA 300w LED Sports Lights used, and explaining why these specifications matter for optimal lighting of pickleball courts.

Key Takeaways

    • Optimal Visibility with 4000K Kelvin Temperature: The APTA 300w LED Sports Lights provide natural white light at 4000K, enhancing visibility and reducing eye strain for players, ensuring a better game experience.
    • Uniform Lighting with Required Standards: The lighting system meets the essential standards of 30 footcandles and a max/min ratio of 2.0 or less, ensuring consistent and even illumination across the entire court for fair play and safety.
    • Durable and Flexible Lighting Solutions: The marine-grade, EXTREME-LIFE design, combined with features like 0-10v dimming and 10 kVa surge protection, ensures the lights are durable, energy-efficient, and adaptable to various electrical systems, providing long-term reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Illuminating the Court: APTA 300w LED Pickleball Court Lights

Marine Grade, EXTREME-LIFE

The APTA 300w LED Sports Lights are marine-grade and designed for EXTREME-LIFE. This means they are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including high humidity and corrosive salt air. This durability ensures that the lights will perform reliably over time, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Kelvin Temperature: 4000K

The lights feature a 4000K Kelvin temperature, providing a natural white light that enhances visibility. This color temperature is ideal for pickleball court lighting as it offers a balanced, clear illumination that helps players see the ball and their surroundings more accurately, reducing eye strain and improving performance.

Dimming: 0-10v Dimming

With 0-10v dimming capabilities, these lights offer flexible lighting control. This feature allows for adjustments in light intensity to suit different times of day or types of play, making the court more versatile and energy-efficient. Dimming can also help in extending the lifespan of the lights and reducing energy consumption during non-peak hours.

Voltage: 120-277v

The APTA lights operate on a voltage range of 120-277v, making them compatible with a wide variety of electrical systems. This flexibility simplifies installation and ensures that the lights can be used in different locations without requiring extensive electrical modifications.

The Impressive Pickleball Court LED Lighting Project in Texas

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Color Rendering – Ra Rating: Ra70

An Ra70 color rendering index (CRI) ensures that the colors on the pickleball court appear natural and vibrant. While higher CRI ratings are available, Ra70 provides a good balance between performance and cost, making it a practical choice for sports lighting.

Optics: T4S

The T4S optics ensure precise light distribution, minimizing glare and shadows on the court. This even lighting is crucial for pickleball, where players need to track the ball’s movement quickly and accurately. Proper optics help in maintaining consistent illumination across the entire playing surface.

Back Light Shield: SPC Spill Control/PCS

The SPC Spill Control/PCS backlight shield is an additional feature that helps in controlling light spillage. This is particularly important in residential areas or where light pollution needs to be minimized. It ensures that the light is directed precisely where it’s needed, enhancing playing conditions and respecting surrounding environments.

Surge Protection: 10 kVa

Standard 10 kVa surge protection safeguards the lighting system against electrical surges and spikes, which can cause significant damage and lead to costly repairs. This protection ensures the longevity and reliability of the lighting system, providing peace of mind to facility managers.

Access Fixtures Meeting Pickleball Court LED Lighting Standards

The lighting design for this pickleball court project ensures that the court meets the required 30 footcandles for optimal visibility. Achieving this standard is essential for both competitive play and casual games, ensuring that players can see the ball clearly even at high speeds and arcs.

Additionally, the lighting system maintains a max/min ratio of 2.0 or less. This ratio ensures uniform lighting distribution across the pickleball court, preventing any areas from being too bright or too dim. Consistent illumination is crucial for fair play and safety, allowing players to focus on the game without being distracted by uneven lighting.

While pickleball court standards typically require illumination provided by luminaires mounted on twenty-foot high poles to deliver an average of 30 footcandles (fc) and maintain a max/min ratio of 2.0 or less, this project varied by using 15-foot poles. The choice of pole height and light intensity plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal visibility. Lower poles, such as the 15-foot poles used in this project, can still meet the required lighting standards if designed correctly, but they must be carefully planned to avoid creating dark spots or uneven lighting.

Pole height can be influenced by local codes and lighting restrictions, which can vary depending on the district. For instance, some districts may have restrictions on pole heights to minimize the visual impact on the surrounding area or to comply with specific zoning laws. Additionally, lighting intensity needs to be adjusted to ensure that shorter poles still provide adequate coverage and avoid light spill into neighboring properties.

The 30 fc light level is essential for pickleball players to see the ball clearly, even as it moves at high speed. Lower-level lighting would make visibility difficult, impacting the quality of play. The max/min ratio is the highest area of light on the court divided by the lowest area of light, measuring how even the light is distributed. While other sports typically set the maximum max/min ratio at 3.0, most other sports are played on larger fields or courts. Pickleball, however, requires a max/min ratio of 2.0, ensuring extremely even lighting that enhances visibility. This even lighting prevents the ball from being obscured by dark areas and ensures that players’ eyes do not need to adjust to varying light levels.

Custom Court Light Solutions for Optimal Performance

In addition to the high-performance APTA 300w LED Sports Lights, the project incorporated custom solutions like the 180° Double Bullhorn to achieve superior lighting distribution. This accessory is crucial for optimizing the mounting and coverage of multiple luminaires on a single pole.

180° Double Bullhorn

Precise Mounting

The 180° Double Bullhorn allows for the exact positioning of two lights at optimal angles. This precise mounting ensures even light distribution across the pickleball court, which is essential for maintaining consistent illumination and enhancing both performance and safety in sports environments.

Optimal Light Distribution

Using the Double Bullhorn enables the lights to cover a broader area without the need for additional poles or fixtures. This not only improves the aesthetics and cost-efficiency of the setup but also ensures there are no dark spots or overly bright areas, which could distract players and impair their ability to track the ball.

Enhanced Coverage

The Double Bullhorn significantly enhances lighting coverage, which is vital for meeting the required average of 30 footcandles and maintaining a max/min ratio of 2.0 or less. By allowing lights to be angled and directed effectively, this accessory ensures that the entire court is uniformly and adequately lit.

Actual Pickleball Court Lighting Photometric Results

The photometric results for the Pickleball Court LED Lighting Project further validate the effectiveness of the APTA 300w LED Sports Lights. Utilizing 2 15-foot poles and 4 APTA 300w fixtures, the project achieved an impressive average of 45 footcandles with a max/min ratio of 1.47. These results not only surpass the required 30 footcandles but also ensure an even distribution of light well within the required max/min ratio of 2.0. This data underscores the superior performance of the lighting setup, ensuring that every part of the court is adequately illuminated for optimal play conditions.

The higher average of 45 footcandles provides enhanced visibility, allowing players to track the ball more easily, even during fast-paced games and high arcs. This level of illumination reduces eye strain and enhances player performance, making the court suitable for both competitive matches and casual play.

Additionally, the design considerations ensured there was no light trespass into the neighboring property and no light spill onto the adjacent building. This is crucial for maintaining good relations with the community and minimizing environmental impact. The project also took into account the proximity of a nearby waterfront. Although it was far enough away not to be directly affected by the lighting, the planning process ensured that the lights were directed and shielded appropriately to avoid any potential impact.

This careful planning respects both the environment and the neighboring community, demonstrating Access Fixtures’ commitment to sustainable and community-friendly lighting solutions. The use of advanced optics and shielding accessories, such as the SPC Spill Control/PCS back light shield, played a significant role in achieving these results. These measures ensure that the light is precisely directed where it’s needed, enhancing playing conditions while minimizing any negative effects on the surrounding area.

Pickleball Court Photometric Analysis – 3D Rendering

Pickleball Court Photometric Analysis – False Colour Rendering



The successful completion of the Pickleball Lighting Project in Texas is a testament to Access Fixtures’ dedication to delivering top-notch sports lighting solutions. The APTA 300w LED Pickleball Court Lights, with their robust features and advanced technology, ensure that the court is well-lit, energy-efficient, and built to last. Whether for competitive play or casual games, this lighting setup guarantees an exceptional experience for all players.


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