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Manheim Auto Auction recently approached Access Fixtures for a solution to replace their outdated metal halide bollard lights. The bollards lights, installed in and around their extensive parking lot, had degraded and become more dim with age. They wanted a brighter and more energy efficient option.

Metal halide lamps are similar to mercury vapor lamps, in that they use the application of an electric current to gases in an arc tube to emit light. They are more precise than fluorescent lamps and have a good CRI. Their relatively long life (20,000 hours), bright white light and hardy construction have made them a popular choice for outdoor commercial venues.

32w LED Round Dome Top Bollard

32w LED Round Dome Top Bollard

As the lamps age, there is significant lumen depreciation and they tend to exhibit a behavior known as “cycling”. The necessary voltage to maintain the arc eventually increases as the lamp ages until it exceeds the voltage provided by the electrical ballast. The lamp will heat up to the point that the arc fails and, once it cools, the light will turn on again. Cycling is a sure sign that a metal halide fixture needs to be replaced. It is imperative to replace a metal halide lamp once it shows signs of age, as the lamp can explode in some cases.

Manheim Auto Auction wanted to do more than replace the lamps. The bollard glass had become foggy with age and they wanted to lower maintenance and energy costs as well. Access Fixtures Specialist, Stephanie Derby, was able to provide a solution. She recommended replacing the current bollards with a series of high output 32w LED bollards. The LED bol

lard lights provide excellent lumen output at a much lower voltage requirement. Rated at 100,000 hours of operating life, the LED bollards virtually eliminate maintenance costs and provide years of high CRI lighting.