ARCI LED bollard light installed

ARCI LED marine grade bollard light installed

While most light fixtures can rely on conventional painting methods, demanding environments require a specialized marine-grade finish that enhances protection.

These environments often involve extreme conditions, such as areas with chemical exposure or coastal regions with high salt content.

When a customer inquired about illuminating an indoor pool where chlorine and chemicals threaten fixtures, Access Fixtures recommended a tailored paint and enamel solution.

Marine-grade specialized coating shields LED fixtures and their internal components.

This ensures protection against corrosion and rust caused by the harsh pool environment.

It’s important to note that the benefits of marine-grade finish extend beyond specific fixtures.; this protective coating is readily available for all LED light fixtures and most others within the Access Fixtures product line-up.

Enhance and elevate the resilience of your lighting solutions by incorporating the added protection of marine-grade finishes.

To get in-depth insights into marine-grade fixtures and their diverse applications, contact Access Fixtures today and speak with a lighting specialist.

Your tailored lighting solution awaits, fortified by the durability and effectiveness of marine-grade finishes.