Did you know when sea turtles are hatched, they instinctively move towards the moonlight reflecting off the ocean? Due to light pollution, sea turtles have been found wandering inland instead of out to sea.

Access Fixtures is introducing LED turtle friendly lights to protect sea turtle hatchlings. Also known as wildlife lights, the turtle friendly LED bollard lights use 7 watt amber LEDs that are visible to humans, but not to turtles. While turtles can see higher color temperatures used in fluorescent or incandescent light sources, they cannot see longer wavelengths like 590 nm used in amber LEDs. The bollard lights are ideal for waterfront areas that are visible from the beach, including private properties, condos, country clubs and marinas. Read more about turtle friendly lighting and thoughts from Sales Manager of Access Fixtures, Dan Rodriguez, in the recent press release.

The LED bollard lights are available in round or square, with the choice of standard reflector or type 5 glass. The amber LED light source is also available separately to replace lamps in existing fixtures.