A customer recently contacted Access Fixtures for a solution to his dim garage lighting.

His current T12 fixtures were beginning to flicker and tended to run too hot when he spent an extended amount of time in the garage.

He was looking for an energy-efficient option that would provide the maximum amount of light for his automotive work space.

For many people, the garage is an extended storage space, or an oubliette, where things are stashed away for the spiders and the dark.

For others, the garage is a beloved workspace where the dirty jobs get done and vehicles are not just stored but showcased.

In this case, the customer wanted a lighting solution that would turn his 22ft x 33ft, 3 car garage into a showroom that would highlight the work he put into maintaining his vehicles.

Automotive enthusiasts and tinkerers have a higher lighting requirement than the typical one-car storage space.

A typical Walmart is lit to 40-50 foot candles, while a Lexus service bay is lit to 80 foot candles.

Access Fixtures specialist, Stephanie Derby, suggested a solution of 3, LED low bay fixtures for his 3-car garage.

LED fixtures are more efficient than traditional fixtures and have a rated life of 100,00 hours.

At 60-foot candles, the customer now had a bright and energy-efficient workspace to store and maintain his cars.

Just finished a shine job on your brand new classic car? Trying to perform a little at-home maintenance—but constantly find yourself fishing out the flashlight to see the details?

Our lighting specialists have the knowledge and skill to help you find the right fixtures for your automotive work space.

With the right lighting, you can eliminate the dark corners and shadows that keep you from seeing your handiwork when you need to.

Ready to transform your garage lighting from scary to spectacular? Contact the garage lighting specialists at Access Fixtures for a quote today!