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tennis court lightingIsrael, Canada, Costa Rica, Iraq, Nigeria…What do these countries have in common?

Access Fixtures provides LED and pulse-start metal halide sports lighting all over the world, including these locations. While it may be safe to assume that our customers require a similar solution involving cost-effective lighting, Access Fixtures knows it’s important to consider each of our customers’ individual and specific requirements for their basketball court lighting and tennis court lighting. What someone is looking for in Canada may be completely different from what someone requires in Nigeria, even if they’re both shopping for LED tennis court lighting.

Access Fixtures lighting specialists typically offer LED or pulse-start metal halide (PSMH) for sports lighting, depending on where the court is located. This decision is primarily based on the initial price and return on investment (ROI). If the country has unstable access to energy or high energy costs, more often the customer will see a faster ROI with LED, which consumes less energy. If the customer is looking for a lower initial price, PSMH is typically chosen, due to LED’s premium price.

Lighting specialists also offer expertise on perimeters required by different countries. The U.S. operates on a 60-Hz system, while most of the world operates on a 50-Hz system. Additionally, Access Fixtures knows to calculate between the metric system and imperial system when providing important measurements. Access Fixtures will work with our customers to ensure they are receiving fixtures that work with their system.

In a number of projects, customers require lighting specialists to provide photometric analysis in order to install the correct amount of fixtures in the right configurations. Photometric analysis eliminates the guesswork. Virtually no one–especially international customers who have to pay for shipping–want to risk the chance of ordering the wrong amount of fixtures.

With large shipments, Access Fixtures provides free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States. From our facility, we ship to the client’s freight forwarder, which is typically located in the main shipping ports. The client will then use the freight forwarder to ship the products to the destination. International customers commonly choose to purchase steel poles in their country, as poles are more expensive to ship. That being said, Access Fixtures also ships poles to other countries.

Access Fixtures lighting specialists have years of experience working with international customers, and are fully equipped to provide customers with product recommendations to meet their specific requirements in locations around the world. To learn more, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.