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Turtle friendly lighting for the US military.

Turtle lighting for the US military.

Recently, a US military base located on an island off the coast of Virginia approached Access Fixtures for a solution to replace their damaged high pressure sodium (HPS) wall packs. An incident on base and years of coastal weather wear had depreciated the light quality in their current fixtures. Several were outright damaged and the base was left in the dark. The base was looking to reduce overall cost and, given their seaside location, utilize a turtle lighting solution.

Turtle Lighting – Turtle-Friendly Replacement for HPS Fixtures

Originally the base was using 100w HPS wall packs to light their outdoor facilities. High pressure sodium was a popular choice for outdoor lighting in the 1970s when increasing energy costs placed more emphasis on efficiency. Lumen output ranges between 80 to 140 lumens per watt, although HPS lamps are able to produce 7 times the amount of light per watt than incandescent and twice as much as fluorescent lights. Their low kelvin temperature produces a yellow light which was considered valuable for outdoor lighting due to its less detrimental effect on the environment.

However, HPS lamps still contain mercury as a part of their operation which makes them more dangerous to use and dispose of. Today, there are much better options for outdoor lighting that provide more benefits for consumers–and wildlife.

Turtle Lighting - LED Wall Pack

Turtle Lighting – LED Wall Packs

Turtle-Friendly Wall Packs – Turtle Lighting Solution from Access Fixtures

For the US military base in Virginia, our specialist was able to recommend the 45w high output LED traditional wall pack from Access Fixtures. These LED fixtures have a vastly longer life expectancy than the HPS option at 100,000 hours and their light output is specifically tuned to produce an orange color that does not negatively affect wildlife. This benefit is especially valuable for an island location, as sea turtles are among the species most affected by damaging light pollution.