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  80w USA Induction Alpha Wall Packs 120v-277v
80w USA Induction Alpha Wall Packs  120v-277v
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Assembled in USA

Lamp: Induction
Wattage: 80w
Ballast: Induction
Voltage: 120v-277v
Lumens: 6400

Housing: Die-cast aluminum housing and hinged front frame, " coin plugs with O-rings for conduit and photocell, textured architectural bronze powdercoat finish over a chromate conversion coating

Reflector: Aluminum reflector

Lens: Molded prismatic borosilicate glass lens

Mounting: Cast-in template for mounting directly over a 4" recessed outlet box, or use " surface conduit.

Light Fixtures Assembled in the USA. All bulbs and ballasts are supplied by major US brands.

This fixture is not dimmable.
Approximate DIM Wt: 14 lbs Induction  lamp icon

Lamp is included.

UL and CUL listed for Wet Location
Heavy duty die-cast aluminum housing
High impact, heat resistant borosilicate glass
Silicone rubber gasket to seal unit
One piece anodized aluminum reflector
Powder Coated - Dark Bronze Color
1/2" tapped holes available for installing photocell (photocell optional)

Technical Specifications
80w Fulham Induction Lighting System
120v 277v
2700/3500/4000/5000 or 6500K
80+ CRI (color rendering)
Lamp life rating of 100,000 hours
Power Factor >0.95
Operating Temp -20C to 50C

Reduces energy use by over 50% as compared to HPS
Reduced maintenance cost with 4 to 10 times the lamp life
Improved safety conditions with more consistent performance
Improved Security conditions with crisp whiter, higher CRI light
Enhanced visual performance with high CRI
More environmentally friendly solution using less energy and less waste disposal
May qualify for energy company rebates


A hybrid fluorescent lamp technology that eliminates the need for electrodes and filaments; generating light by means of a high frequency transmission of energy combined into a gas discharge.

External magnetic induction lamps are essentially fluorescent lamps with electromagnets wrapped around a section of the lamp tube. High frequency energy, from the electronic ballast (generator), is sent through wires, which are wrapped in a coil around the ferrite inductor, creating a powerful magnet.
The induction coil produces a very strong magnetic field which travels through
the glass and excites the mercury atoms in the interior which are provided by a
pellet of amalgam (a solid form of mercury). The mercury atoms emit UV light and, just as in a fluorescent tube, the UV light is up-converted to visible light by the phosphor coating on the inside of the tube. The system can be considered as a type of transformer where the inductor is the primary coil while the mercury atoms within the envelope/tube form a single-turn secondary coil. As with conventional fluorescent lamps, varying the composition of the phosphors coated onto the inside of induction lamps, allows for models with different color temperatures. Unlike conventional fluorescent technology there are no failures caused by filament erosion, vibration, or seal breach.

External induction lamps manage heat either by convection through the air or conduction into the fixture. HighHorse internal induction lamps operate with a higher internal temperature and must cool by conduction to the base heat sink and by radiation through the glass walls. With both lamp types a small percentage of mercury ions are absorbed by the phosphor coating over time; once the mercury ions inside the envelope are depleted, the lamp emits only a very dim light and has to be replaced.
Fulham HighHorse Electronic Ballasts (generators) are warranted for five years.
(Actual life expectancy can be significantly longer with proper thermal management.)

Induction Rated Lumen Maintenance is largely determined by operating temperature of the lamp and quality of lamp design; Fulham HighHorse induction systems are designed and manufactured with high quality tri-phosphors and solid amalgam to optimize the performance and rated life of the lamp. The above chart is intended to represent an average rated lumen output stated as a percentage of the initial lumen output over the rated life of the lamp. Operating the lamp within the temperatures specification will typically result in an average estimated 70% lumen output at 60Khrs.

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