Best Bollard Lights for 2024

Let’s get straight to the point. What are the top LED bollard lights for 2024, and what sets each one apart? This list isn’t ranked because each bollard light is crafted and engineered to excel in a specific segment. What matters is understanding why each one is considered the best of 2024.


Best Solar LED Bollard Light

Solar-powered bollard lights are excellent because they are easy to install and do not necessitate running wire from the power source to the bollard light. BOLA clinches the title of Best LED Solar Bollard Light in this category. It resembles a regular bollard light while encompassing all the features of a solar-powered bollard, simply because it is a solar-powered bollard light.

Runs on Sun: This bollard light requires zero wiring and runs completely on an all-in-one integrated solar panel.

Maximum Efficiency: This fixture emits light at 140 lumens per watt, making it efficient for everyday use.

IP65 Rated: This bollard light is IP65 rated and sealed against dust and water intrusion.

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BOLA Solar Bollard Light LED

Best Selectable Kelvin – Selectable Wattage LED Bollard Light

If one bollard light is too bright and another is too dim, which one do you choose? PYLI is the LED bollard light that offers versatility with options of 10 watts, 20 watts, or 30 watts at the flick of an interior switch, ensuring the right amount of light for every setting.

Additionally, it addresses the importance of Kelvin temperature, providing options between 3K, 4K, and 5K with another simple switch adjustment. With PYLI, you can get it right every time.

It clinches the top spot in this category due to its comprehensive selectability and commercial quality, all at an entry-level price point.

Selectable Kelvin: Get the exact Kelvin you want at the site with the flick of a smart controller switch. Choose from 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K.

Selectable Wattage: Get the exact amount of light desired using Selectable Wattage: 10/20/30w, and additional lighting control using the 0-10v dimmable driver.

Durable and Waterproof:  Featuring a die-cast aluminum housing, PYLI is UL, DLC, CuL, and RoHS listed for wet locations.

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LED Bollard Light

Best Vandal Resistant LED Bollard Light

What has an 8-inch diameter heavy-duty body, an ultra-strong die-cast aluminum head, and emits a lot of light that makes any transgression obvious? RUGD. RUGD is the bollard light that you need when the other bollard lights just can’t handle it.

Vandal Resistant: 8 diameter heavy-duty body, die-cast aluminum frame on the head, and vandal-resistant screws.

Easy Installation: With a versatile mounting plate and quick disconnect terminal block, this bollard light is easy to install.

Superior Optics: 36 watts of light is distributed down and out, reflecting light off the reflector for even more light.

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vandal resistant LED bollard light

Best Louvered LED Bollard Light

LED bollard lights with louvers have long been an industry standard. However, VAND elevates louvered bollard lights to new levels by employing a die-cast aluminum head design that eliminates the need for a polycarbonate lens.

Vandal-resistant and built to endure, VAND consistently delivers. Available in 590nm, 2200K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, and featuring 25w or 35w LEDs, VAND can be customized to both look exceptional and meet the specific requirements of your location.

Vandal Resistant: This bollard light is designed with a durable die-cast aluminum housing making it hard to break or be tampered with.

Lens-Free Design: Lens-free design is concealed and hard to break. The LED array is encased in a sealed IP65-rated compartment that prevents condensation.

360-Degree Louvered Optics: Louvers direct light downward in a 360-degree pattern and prevent visual glare in high-traffic areas.

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Vandal resistant LED Louvered Round Dome Top Bollard Light

Best Customizable LED Bollard Light – Best Marine Grade Finish LED Bollard Light

ARCI is the EXTREME-LIFE rated bollard light that can be built to meet almost every requirement. ARCI has a finish like fine jewelry, yet it is standard with a marine-grade finish that will withstand the harshest climate. It is available in every nanometer and Kelvin light, so it can be turtle-friendly by the ocean or dark sky-compliant in the southwest. With a backlight shield in place, it emits light only 180° with no light emitted out the backside. It is also available in your choice of color and height.

EXTREME-LIFE: This bollard light is L70 rated at over 120,000 hours for years of maintenance-free use.

Durable Construction: ARCI has a die-cast aluminum head which protects a horizontally mounted shatterproof polycarbonate lens. It is IP66-rated.

Marine Grade Finish: This bollard light is standard in 4 Marine Grade Powdercoat colors or your choice of custom RAL finish.

LED Wall Pack

Best Stainless-Steel LED Bollard Light

LUVO stainless-steel bollard lights feature die-cast aluminum louvers that make each LUVO drop-dead gorgeous. It’s extraordinary and manufactured with Type 316 stainless steel and is durable too. LUVO is so high quality, that it is even EXTREME-LIFE rated L70 at 147,000 hours.

Type 316 Stainless Steel: 316 stainless steel is suitable for architectural applications in severe settings, from polluted marine environments to subzero temperatures

Louvered Optics: This bollard light reflects light downward with die-cast aluminum louvers, reducing glare for pedestrians and drivers.

EXTREME-LIFE: Rated L70 @ 147,000 hours for years of performance

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Access Fixtures stainless steel LED bollard lights with die-cast aluminum louvers