High Bay LED Lights

Access Fixtures features stock and built-to-order high bay LED lights for all commercial and industrial applications. Different types high bay LED lights include round UFO, linear, vapor tight, hazardous location, explosion proof, heat tolerant, and high mount location High bay LED lights. Many of the high bay LED lights are EXTREME LIFE rated with L70 exceeding 200,000 hours. High bay LED light options include color rendering, optics, dimming, surge protection, Kelvin, voltage, battery backup, DALI LED drivers, and controls. Controls microwave controls for occupancy and light sensors for daylighting.  What specifications does your commercial, industrial or sports facility require? Use the left hand navigation as a filter to find the high bay LED light that you need or speak with an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist. (800)468-9925.

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  • Linear LED High Bay

    OTAM 120 3-ft Linear LED High Bay, 80+ CRI, 16,686 Lumens 120-277v


  • EPTA 80w No UV LED Linear Lighting

    EPTA 80w No UV – No Light Under 540nm LED Lights, EXTREME-LIFE


  • Linear LED High Bay

    OTAM 240 3-ft Linear LED High Bay, 80+ CRI, 33,372 Lumens 120-277v


  • Linear LED High Bay

    OTAM 320 3-ft Linear LED High Bay, 80+ CRI, 44,485 Lumens 120-277v