High Bay Lighting Overview

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High bay lighting in a manufacturing facility.

High bay luminaires are indoor light fixtures designed to be installed at heights from 15 to 50 feet. Access Fixtures can adjust the lumen output and light distribution of most high bay luminaires to evenly illuminate any area and hit the footcandle requirements of your specific location. Typical high bay lighting applications include commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and indoor sports lighting. More specifically, high bays are implemented for production floor lighting, warehouse lighting, food processing lighting, arena lighting, gym lighting, recreational hall lighting, and even hangar lighting.

Access Fixtures has the right high bay luminaire for every application, including those that need to block UV light, increase color rendering, use explosion-proof fixtures, and even those requiring light in a limited nanometer range.

High Bay Luminaire Light Sources, Kelvin, CRI, Form Factors, and More

Lighting can be complex. High bays are available in LED, T5 fluorescent, pulse start metal halide (PSMH), and other technologies, each with many different wattages and options. Which light source should you consider and why? Below, see links to information on high bay luminaires and to specific high bay categories. Investigate. Explore.

High Bay Lighting Made Simple

Access Fixtures makes high bays simple. If you have questions or need advice on selecting the best fixture for your application, Access Fixtures lighting specialists will be able to advise you. If you need a photometric study to simulate a high bay lighting solution and see if it achieves your requirements, we can do that. For all your lighting questions, talk with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at 800-468-9925.



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