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Access Fixtures is excited to expand its line of pickleball court lighting packages to include six new multi-court LED packages with poles. To say pickleball is a craze sweeping the nation is an understatement, and many parks, clubs, and retirement communities are beginning to offer lighted pickleball courts to facilitate nighttime play. Many of the pickleball courts being developed are old tennis courts due to the Pickleball 2-Court Led Lighting Package: 4 Poles, 8 Fixtures, 32fc playersease of conversion. Access Fixtures’ new 2-court and 4-court lighting packages allow for the easy lighting of these converted pickleball courts. You can shop their one-court packages here and here, their two-court packages here and here, and their four-court packages here and here.

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“Pickleball is really enjoyable for all ages but is especially popular in retirement communities,” says Steve Rothschild, Access Fixtures’ CEO. “We’ve released these new court lighting setups to make it easier for country club, homeowner associations and community centers to accommodate the huge growth of this sport.”


Pickleball Lighting Made Simple

The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) has specified the dimensions of one standard pickleball court. Obviously, in the case of 2-court setups and 4-court setups, the dimensions are doubled or quadrupled.  In addition, the USAPA also specifies that a minimum of 30 footcandles of light should be utilized for nighttime play. Using photometric studies, Access Fixtures has created packages to exceed these standards. Using their APTA LED luminaires, Access Fixtures will be able to light one, two, or four pickleball courts easily. The APTA fixtures are Rated L70 @ 200,000 hours, which translates to years of high-performance lighting. The luminaires used in pickleball projects are IP67 rated and completely sealed from the elements, while glass-free construction increases durability exponentially. Excellent color rendering index (70+ and optional >90 CRI) allows players to enjoy the game in vivid color. Optional bird spikes are Pickleball 4-court Led Lighting Package: 8 Poles, 16 Fixtures, 34fc 1.83 max/minavailable for purchase to keep the tops of APTA luminaires from becoming nesting places.

For additional information on these fixtures or to order a photometric analysis on the various pickleball packages we have available, call us at 800-468-9925 or email us at [email protected].


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