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Outdoor commercial bollard lights are available with LED, screw-in CFL, and HID lamp types. Commercial bollard lights come in round or square, can be custom finished in your choice of color and are used in outdoor pathway lighting applications. For more information, check out our LED Bollard page!

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Commercial Bollard Lights – Styles, Sizes and Applications

Access Fixtures outdoor bollard lights are manufactured with superior quality housings, lenses and gasket and use major USA brand name ballasts and lamps. Access Fixtures outdoor bollard lighting is assembled in the USA. Access Fixtures has commercial bollard lighting styles and sizes that will meet most customers’ requirements. Applications for outdoor bollard lights include illuminating paths, walkways and landscaping. Typically bollard lights have been round in shape with either a domed or flat top. Recently Access Fixtures introduced square bollard lights with a flat top. For most Access Fixtures outdoor bollard lights, matching wall bollard lights and post top bollard lights are available. These are a perfect compliment to the full sized commercial bollard lights. Most Access Fixtures bollards lights come standard in bronze, black or white. There is also a comprehensive selection of custom colors available. Outdoor bollard lights lengths range from 41” to 10’ and are available custom lengths, too.

Commercial Bollard Lights – Construction

Custom Painted Bollard Lights

Our bollard lights can be custom painted to match any color.

Our bollard lights can be custom painted to match any color.Access Fixtures’ commercial bollard lights are housed in a tough extruded aluminum shell that is powder coated over a chromate conversion coating which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. The lenses of all outdoor bollard lights include a very durable clear or prismatic polycarbonate lens for long life and good distribution of light. The bollard is mounted on a heavy duty mount with a built-in level and 4” anchor bolts that seat in concrete for sturdy mounting. All Access Fixtures’ commercial bollard lights are CSA wet location rated.

Outdoor Bollard Lights – Lenses, Reflectors and Refractors

Adjustable Reflector – Commercial bollard lights with adjustable reflectors are a great choice for providing a large amount of light around the bollard. The reflector obscures the light source while maximizing the light around the bollard.

IES Type V – Commercial bollard lights with IES Type V Glass throw controlled light through a prismatic borosilicate glass refractor 360 degrees around the bollard. It’s great for throwing light not only on the walkway, but on any type of landscaping next to the walkway.

Louvered – Commercial bollard lights with Louvers are a good choice for a more controlled light aimed to the ground. Like the Reflector bollard, the light source can’t be directly viewed. This enables a more powerful light source to be used than say an IES Type III or an IES Type V. The louver frame at the top of the bollard is only available in Black.

Outdoor Bollard Lights – Lamp Types

Access Fixtures LED Bollard Lights are installed at the entrance to LegoLand in Florida.

Access Fixtures LED Bollard Lights are installed at the entrance to LegoLand in Florida.

There are four major lamp type options to choose from when purchasing bollard lights: high pressure sodium, pulse start metal halide, compact fluorescent, and LED. Each option works well in some situations and not in others. There is no best option, so choose the option that best fits your needs.

High Pressure Sodium (80-140 lumens per watt) – High pressure sodium lamps offer a very high lumen output. These lamps are commonly used in other outdoor fixtures such as streetlights and wallpacks. High pressure sodium lamps put out a yellowish light that has a low color rendition index rating. The yellow hue of the light is also less attractive to insects than other, whiter lamps.

Pulse Start Metal Halide (110 lumens per watt) – Pulse start metal halide lamps also offer a very high lumen output. Common applications include outdoor areas that require high lumen outputs, such as sports stadiums and courts. Pulse start metal halide lamps have 20,000 hour rated lives, produce a white light with good color rendition, and operate reliably in a wide range of temperatures.

Compact Fluorescent (50-100 lumens per watt) – Compact fluorescent lamps are relatively inexpensive compared to other lamp types, and they do not require a ballast to operate. Bollard lights should include options for both plug-in and screw-in compact fluorescent lamps. They last from 10,000 to 20,000 hours and have superior color rendition.

LED Technology – LED lamps require less energy per watt and thus are very energy efficient. Their lifespan is also much longer at 50,000 hours, and without filaments, they are less prone to breaking or failing. LED lamps offer fair color rendition, do not produce a lot of heat, and are dimmable.

Installing Bollard Lights

Bollard lights should be installed by a trained electrician. However, understanding the installation process will help you make an educated decision about your bollard lighting purchase. The first thing to consider is that you will need to bury electric wires to power the bollard lights. Make sure that your intended location has this capability.

The mounting bracket that will attach to the base of the bollard must first be cast in concrete. To do this, dig a hole to a depth that will allow the bollard to be flush with the ground. Using a sonotube, run your electrical wire up through the opening and then fill with concrete. Make sure to leave enough slack to attach the wire to the ballast or socket in the top of the bollard light. When the concrete has been poured, place the mounting bracket in the center, ensure that it is level, and wait for it to dry.

The bolts of the mounting bracket will attach to the bottom disc, or mounting plate, of the bollard. Then, the bollard housing unit will slide onto the mounting plate and can be fastened into place with screws. Use your electrical wire to power the ballast or socket, and your bollard light is now ready for use.

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