BAA Qualified Lights/Poles

Access Fixtures features a broad selection of Buy American Act (BAA) Qualified LED Lights and Poles. Light fixtiures include area lights, flood lights, bollard ligths, high bay lights, and more. All BAA LED light fixtures comply as “Domestic end products” manufactured in the U.S. from “Commercially available off-the-shelf ” (COTS) items. Steel and fiberglass poles are manufactured in the USA. For more information or questions about meeting a specific application, speak with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist. (800)468-9925

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  • POTO 14w EXTREME-LIFE LED Wall Pack with Photocell

    POTO 14w LED Wall Pack with Photocell, 4K or 5K, EXTREME-LIFE


  • LED Wall Pack photocell

    SHOK EXTREME-LIFE 10w LED Wall Pack, Photocell, 5000K


  • 9w LED wall pack with photocell is EXTREME -LIFE rated L70 @ 187,000 hours,

    SHOB 9w LED Wall Pack, 5000K, Photocell, EXTREME-LIFE


  • SHOO 14w LED EXTREME-LIFE Wall Pack with Photocell

    SHOB 14w LED Wall Pack, 3000K/5000K, EXTREME-LIFE


  • SHOO 14w amber wall pack

    SHOB 14w 590nm Amber LED, Photocell, EXTREME-LIFE


  • ZIBO 28w LED Wall Pack 120-277v, Extreme Life


  • ZIBO 18w LED Wall Pack 120-277v, Extreme Life


  • HEZE 16 LED Full Cutoff Wall Pack, EXTREME-LIFE, 120-277v


  • CIRC 13w LED 12.5″ Round Bulkhead Wall Pack, 120-277v