Access Fixtures has announced a new wall pack that matches an existing line of landscape bollard lights. The CLYD wall sconce is a modern full cutoff wall sconce that provides controlled downlight without sacrificing on style.


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This fixture is extreme life at 147,000 L70 hours and provides years of maintenance free lighting. This wall sconce is available with either standard 360 degree light distribution, or a 120 or 180 degree shield option, making it a dark sky friendly option.

Available in 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K, the CLYD full cutoff wall sconce can fit in anywhere you’d like, and a wide array of options including 0-10v dimming, photocell, and motion sensor make this wall sconce more than just a pretty addition to your property.

The CLYD full cutoff wall sconce is a “sister product” to the CLYD full cutoff bollard light, which is also extreme life and has many similar options and specifications.


Planning a project with CLYD bollard lights and wall sconces? Request a photometric analysis. A photometric analysis is a computerized simulation run by lighting engineers who determine what the best layout for your lighting project will be. For additional information, email