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LED Flood lightAPTI: Low-Profile, IP67-Rated LED Flood Light

WORCESTER, MA, January 2018—Access Fixtures launches APTI LED flood light fixtures. These efficient, low-profile, IP67-rated flood lights represent the latest in LED flood light technology and commercial lighting design. Featuring ...

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Light TrespassLight Trespass Regulations – Can They Cross the Line?

Light Trespass from the Ground Up You are looking to add light to a client’s outdoor basketball court or riding arena and are worried about spilling light onto a nearby neighbor’s ...

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turtle LEDARTO: Wildlife and Turtle-Friendly LED Garage Lighting

WORCESTER, MA, December 2017—Access Fixtures launches ARTO turtle and wildlife-friendly garage lights. These energy-efficient, IP65-rated wildlife and turtle LED garage lighters comply with wildlife and monochromatic security system regulations, boasting ...

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sport lightAPTI: Intuitively Designed, IP67-Rated LED Sport Light

WORCESTER, MA, December 2017—Access Fixtures launches APTI LED sport light fixtures. These efficient, low-profile sport light fixtures feature easy-to-replace LED modules, an IP67 rating and a long rated life. These ...

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How to Wire a 0-10v Dimmer or 1-10v Dimmer for LED FixturesHow to Wire a 0-10v Dimmer or 1-10v Dimmer for LED Light Fixtures

What Is a 0-10v Dimmer or a 1-10v Dimmer?  0-10v dimming and 1-10v dimming are a lighting control methods that use a low voltage, direct current (DC) circuit between 0 and ...

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